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Infaco Electric pruning shears

MotoGarden, an official INFACO distributor

MotoGarden S.A., as a distributor, offers you the whole range of electric pruning shears for pruning vines, orchards and all types of tree from the prestigious French manufacturer INFACO, a global pioneer in the production of electric pruning shears. In 1985, it won the Golden Palm award for best innovation for its “ELECTROCOUP” electric pruning shears.

For more than 30 years, INFACO has specialised in producing electric pruning shears across Europe and in other countries including Argentina, Chile, Canada and the United States.

By supplying cutting-edge equipment such as these pruning shears, as well as first-class service, we set out to show our customers our enthusiasm for INFACO and will make every effort and take every opportunity to achieve this goal.

Our quality is what sets us apart in a highly-competitive market increasingly dominated by prices battles relating to mass-produced goods. Our brand is the symbol of our constant effort to produce the very best equipment.

In our view, the INFACO electric pruning shears range is a success thanks not only to the quality of the product itself, but also to the manufacturer’s extensive experience, which boasts over 30 years on the market and more than 200,000 devices sold.

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