Distribuidores oficiales SOLO

Solo: Agriculture, forestry and garden

MotoGarden, an official SOLO distributor

As an official distributor, MOTOGARDEN S.A. offers you a full range of products for agriculture, forestry and gardening from the prestigious German manufacturer Solo Kleinmotoren GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of products for forestry, park and garden work and care, with over 50 years’ experience in the sector. Our machines are powerful, versatile, easy-to-use and high-quality.

Our customers and distributors are our closest allies in our efforts to achieve the greatest possible number of satisfied users to actively spread the word about SOLO products.

Comprar solo 636

By supplying first-class equipment and customer service, we aim to show our customers our enthusiasm for SOLO, and we will make every effort and take every opportunity to achieve this goal.

Our quality is what sets us apart in a competitive market increasingly dominated by price battles relating to mass-produced goods. Our brand is the symbol of our constant effort to produce the very best equipment.

In our view, a SOLO cutter, a SOLO pressure sprayer, a SOLO chain saw or any other SOLO product can be deemed a success when it has worked for years without any problems.

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